Steep Slope Roofing

Steep slope roofing involves more than just the ability to navigate perilous angles.

slopedHighly pitched roofs add a dramatic architectural style to your home and they provide a variety of practical benefits as well. But comparing the process of standard residential roofing to steep slope roofing is a little like comparing Mt. Timpanogos to Mt. Everest.

Fortunately, Peak Performance Roofing is the locally owned and operated roofing contractor in Sandy, Utah, and throughout the greater Salt Lake City area.

It’s All About the Pitch

Roof pitch refers to the vertical rise of your roof divided by its run, or horizontal span. Most conventional roofs have a slope of 6:12, which means the roof rises 6 inches for every 12 inches of span.

We will spare you the geometry and trigonometry lessons but, suffice it to say, a roof with a pitch of 21:12 – the minimum slope considered to be steep – equates to a 60-degree angle!

In Northern Utah, where soaring rooflines are common in home construction, we frequently encounter complex projects that require specialized techniques and materials to complete.

Steep Slope Roofing Materials

For roofing homes with steep angles, we use specialty products that are designed to facilitate drainage for such extreme angles.

We also pay more attention to the aesthetics of the roofing materials on a steep slope, because it’s much more visible. In fact, an extremely sloped roof may comprise nearly half of the visible area of your home.

Of course you want it to look great and hold up to our demanding weather conditions.

For your project, you can select from tile, slate roofing, wood shake shingle and laminated asphalt shingles. If you prefer, we can also design metal roofing systems for this application.

Steep Slope Roofing with Exceptional Quality and Value

Working on a steeply sloping roof poses a variety of logistical challenges that the Peak Performance team is uniquely qualified to handle.

If you require an extreme slope tear-off or repairs to the deck and underlayment, our experienced teams know how to get the job done. Our extreme slope crews have extensive experience in the planning and logistics phase of the project, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently.

This level of experience and expertise is what allows us to complete your specialty roofing project on time and on budget. And we know you will be thrilled with our personalized attention to detail and affordable pricing structure.

Whatever your roofing needs, you can count on Peak Performance Roofing. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate on your steep slope roofing project.

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